I grew up in North Carolina and Hong Kong, then earned a B.A. in Biology from Carleton College in Northfield, MN. After graduating I worked for Cedar Creek LTER and the Echinacea Project in MN, Point Blue Conservation Science in Bolinas, CA and Quincy, CA, and for Costa Rica Bird Observatories. 

I am currently a PhD candidate in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution at Boston University, MA. As a member of the Primack Lab, I study the effects of climate change on plants, insects, and birds in temperate ecosystems. I'm particularly interested in the timing of seasonal events, and how climate change facilitates species invasions. As part of a Teaching-as-Research fellowship at BU, I am also studying the effects of BU's undergraduate Learning Assistant program on student attitudes toward teaching, learning, and careers in science.

I enjoy birding, traveling, games, baking, and spending time outside with my partner Sam and our dog Maeby!