I grew up in North Carolina and Hong Kong, then earned a B.A. in Biology from Carleton College in Northfield, MN. After graduating I worked for Cedar Creek LTER and the Echinacea Project in MN, Point Blue Conservation Science in Bolinas, CA and Quincy, CA, and for Costa Rica Bird Observatories. 

I recently defended my PhD in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution at Boston University, MA. As a member of the Primack Lab, I studied the effects of climate change on plants, insects, and birds in temperate ecosystems. I have taught courses at BU and Carleton College, and as part of a Teaching-as-Research fellowship at BU, I studied the effects of BU's undergraduate Learning Assistant program on student attitudes toward teaching, learning, and careers in science.

I enjoy birding, traveling, board games, baking, and spending time outside with my partner Sam and our dog Maeby!